The following position papers were submitted by our presenters and panelists as background material for the workshop.

Reed Milewicz, James Willenbring and Dena Vigil, Sandia National Laboratory: Research, Develop, Deploy: Building a Full Spectrum Software Engineering and Research Department

Miranda Mundt and Evan Harvey, Sandia National Laboratory: How Research Software Engineers Can Support Scientific Software

Joanna Leng, University of Leeds and Mariann Hardey, Durham University: Linking Professional Skills to RSE Career Paths

Jeremy Cohen and Mark Woodbridge, Imperial College London: RSEs in Research? RSEs in IT?: Finding a suitable home for RSEs

Jeffrey Carver, University of Alabama and Ian Cosden, Princeton University: INnovative Training Enabled by a Research Software Engineering Community of Trainers (INTERSECT)

Emilio Justiniano Carcamo Troconis, Jathinson Meneses Mendoza, Gabriel Pedraza and Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez, Universidad Industrial de Santander: SC3UIS Research Software Engineering Ecosystem for Scientific Computing

Rinku Gupta, Argonne National Laboratory: Understanding the Manifold Gap for RSE Recognition in National Laboratories

Gijs van den Oord, Victor Azizi, Alessio Sclocco, Georges-Emmanuel Moulard, David Guibert, Jisk Attema, Erwan Raffin and Ben van Werkhoven, Netherlands eScience Center: ESiWACE2 Services: RSE collaborations in Weather and Climate

Robert Sinkovits, San Diego Supercomputer Center: Recommendations for RSEs based on experiences from SDSC and ECSS

Bernadette Boscoe, UCLA: RSEs as Maintainers: Keeping Code Alive

Stephanie Lieggi, Ivo Jimenez, Jeffrey LeFevre and Carlos Maltzahn, UC Santa Cruz: The CROSS Incubator: A Case Study for funding and training RSEs

Mahmood Mohammadi Shad, Harvard University: Building a Research Software Engineering Team: Harvard University Case Study