R for Reproducibility

What do plankton surveys, R and reproducibility have in common? In this episode, Anna Krystalli from the University of Sheffield (UK) shares her vast experience and covers areas from macro biology to R programming, community building to making software more open and reproducible.

Posted by @pweschmidt · 1 min read

17 September 2020

Anna Krystalli’s career took a number of interesting turns. It all started in macro biology, where Anna helped analyse data from one of the longest running ecological surveys: the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey. Munching all the data took her into the exciting world of R programming. There she started to play an increasingly important role in the R community. This included taking on the role of associate editor of rOpenSci. Anna is passionate about making software more open, accessible and reproducible. As one of the RSE Fellows she has been instrumental in initiatives like the ReproHack. And if you ever happen to be in Sheffield, enjoy the great music scene and - climbing.

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