Augmenting reality for blind people

Ever wondered how AR can help blind and low vision people? Meet Camilla Longden, RSE at Microsoft, who uses AI and machine learning technologies to help improve their lives.

Posted by @pweschmidt · 1 min read

23 July 2020

Today we meet with Camilla Longden (@camillalongden). Camilla is a research software engineer at Microsoft. I met Camilla at an RSE workshop in London early 2020, where she presented her work in AI and machine learning. Camilla’s ambition is to create tools that improve and enhance our lives. Judging by the exciting work she does at project Tokyo she has a good chance of achieving her goal. The aim of the project is to help visually impaired people, particularly children and young adults, using augmented reality. As part of our discussion we touch on the important subject of ethics in AI/ML. As Camilla says, it “starts at the team level”.

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