Software as a Garden

Have you ever thought about what makes good software and communities? Hint: it's a lot of the same as would be needed to tend a garden.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

4 June 2020

In this episode of RSE Stories we talk with Julian Pistorius, a software engineer and self-proclaimed organic software farmer at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, or more specifically, at the Digital Innovations for Agriculture Group (DIAG) at the University of Arizona. Julian is co-lead to a project called Exosphere, which he describes as an OnDemand for cloud computing. Listen closely for insights to taking care of communities, software projects, and how a research software engineer can think about his or her place in the two.

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RSE Phenotype

Julian Pistorius created an RSE Phenotype, a simple plot to show the dimensions that help to define their work, and the communities they are defined for using the RSE Phenotype Generator