Package Management? That's Easy.

Kenneth Hoste is a passionate HPC admin and RSE that maintains the EasyBuild project.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

26 March 2020

One of the greatest joys is meeting a research software engineer that is so passionate about their craft that it flows out of them. This is definitely the case for Kenneth Hoste, an HPC Systems Administrator in Belgium that found himself strongly to be in the role of RSE while he was working on the EasyBuild project on behalf of his research community. In this week’s episode of RSE Stories, we chat with Kenneth, and learn about how to grow a community, and about the intersection between HPC and research software. And do you want to know how to make a package manager, or a container cry? This is the episode for you!

If you want to request an invitation to the EasyBuild Slack you can self-request here. See all of the interesting links and resources for how to get involved below.

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RSE Phenotype

Kenneth Hoste created an RSE Phenotype, a simple plot to show the dimensions that help to define their work, and the communities they are defined for using the RSE Phenotype Generator