A Life of Its Own

Kalina is a research software engineer that specializes in Scientific Visualization, and combines science, the arts, and technology to make stunning cinematic performances.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

8 July 2021

Research Software Engineering is so much more than supercomputers and scientific programming. In this episode of RSE Stories we meet Kalina Borkiewicz, a Research Software Engineer in the Advanced Visualization lab that works on scientific visualization. We aren’t talking about plots and websites – Kalina works on award winning cinematic visualizations that are narrated by celebrities and showcased at major film festivals. Have you heard of “A Beautiful Planet” or “Seeing the Beginning of Time?” If so, you might have even seen some of her documentaries. This is an exciting episode because Kalina embodies how truly diverse the roles of research software engineers can be. For aspiring scientific visualization engineers, Kalina suggests keeping an open mind, and being curious to explore many different kinds of domains and challenges.

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