Career Structures for RSEs

Meet Mark Abraham from the EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden and one of the guardians of the Gromacs open source library.

Posted by @pweschmidt · 1 min read

20 May 2021

For this episode I meet with Mark Abraham, who is an RSE at the EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden. Some of our listeners may also know him in the context of Gromacs, short for GROningen MAchine for Chemical Simulations, the leading package for molecular dynamics (see their repo at gitlab). Mark started his RSE journey in Australia. He then moved to Sweden for a role at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. After a brief period at a startup at Voxo he returned to his current position at the National Competence Centre. This career progression is not unusual, as many RSEs find they need to move elsewhere to progress their careers. As Mark says, “There ought to be career structures for RSEs.” Having said that, Mark was able to build and strengthen some valuable skills during his time in the private sector.

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