From Engineer to Manager

Meet Mark Turner, Head of the RSE team at Newcastle University in the UK. In this episode we discuss the transition from engineer to manager and how to build effective RSE teams.

Posted by @pweschmidt · 1 min read

25 March 2021

After starting his career as an engineer, Mark went to build and head a growing team of research software engineers at Newcastle University in the UK. The transition from engineer to manager can be quite daunting. In the industry, it has been the traditional career path for many engineers, with all the problems this career change can bring. But with growing RSE teams around the globe it is a challenge that the RSE community faces as well. How do we prepare RSEs for a more hands-off-code approach and how can you grow an effective team? Mark and I touch on these questions in this latest episode of RSE Stories. Look up the RSE team on Twitter or read their blogs on Medium

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