For the Love of Learning

Tim Haines is a quintessential passionate learner, and will tell you all about astrophysics, compilers, and systems.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

2 December 2021

Tim Haines is one of those people you would be lucky to have as a colleague. If you spend just a few minutes with Tim, you’ll quickly find yourself having fun. Why? Tim is easy to laugh, and unbelievably smart and so wanting to share this with you. In this episode of Research Software Engineer stories, Tim tells his extensive journey through academia (17 years!) touching astophysics, computer science, and software engineering. But was it about the pieces of paper? Not for Tim - he has a passion for learning, and shares this with us today through our conversation about compilers, application binary interfaces, and systems programming.

If you too like learning and enjoy reading, we’ve linked a bunch of Tim’s favorite books and his CppCon talk from a few years back.

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