The Really Cool Pen

Megan Phinney brings excitement and energy to the HPC community, and her story started with a cool pen.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

5 May 2022

Megan Phinney is a recent graduate of Iowa State University, and will starting a full time position at Los Alamos National Lab after her graduation this month! In this episode, Megan tells us her story of stumbling on a national lab (hint, a funky pen is involved!) and her early experiences working as an intern at LANL, and how important a particular teacher was to her path. We discuss how research software engineering might relate to HPC, the student cluster competition at the Supercomputing (SC) conference, the importance of people, and projects Charliecloud and squashfs.

By the way, Megan makes beautiful slides! We all should aspire for this level of funny and greatness :)

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