The Podcast Experiment

Peter was one of the original voices of RSE Stories as a host, and now we've flipped the mic to hear his story!

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

3 March 2022

Peter is a Senior Research Software Engineer at the University of College London, a role he joined in late 2019 after a rich career in the private sector. In this 71st episode, Peter talks about his journey from Germany, to London, and what it’s been like to work in everything from medical imaging to working at Sony and reference manager Mendeley. How did he stumble on his first role as an RSE, and what did it push him to try? What kind of experiments is he running at his new podcast Code for Thought? Listen to this week’s episode to find out!

A personal note from producer @vsoch, I am so grateful to have had Peter’s voice on the RSE Stories podcast for a year, and am cheering him on for his podcast experiment and fun adventures in his new RSE career! I mean what I said Peter, you are soft-spoken and kind and it was a pleasure to work with you.

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