What is an RSE?

We like an inclusive definition of Research Software Engineers to encompass those who regularly use expertise in programming to advance research. This includes researchers who spend a significant amount of time programming, full-time software engineers writing code to solve research problems, and those somewhere in-between. We aspire to apply the skills and practices of software development to research to create more robust, manageable, and sustainable research software. See more here.

What is the US-RSE Association?

Initiatives in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere are bringing together the community of people writing and contributing to research software at the national and international level. In the US this encompasses universities, laboratories, knowledge institutes, companies and other enterprises. This site is part of that effort.

RSE News & Updates

RSE Early Career Panel Event

We’ve teamed up with The Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) to host an Early Career Panel on Research Software Engineering and Data Science careers in academia on February 23, 2021 at 2ET/11PT. The event is primarily focused on students of all levels, postdocs, and those early in their careers, but... [Read More]
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RSE-HPC-2020 Workshop Report

We were excited to hold the inaugural Research Software Engineers in HPC Workshop (RSE-HPC-2020) as part of the SC20 conference this year! The half-day, virtual event featured 18 speakers and over 100 participants. [Read More]
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US-RSE Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

In this bi-monthly newsletter, we share recent, current, and planned activities of the US-RSE Association, and related news that we think is of interest to US-RSE members. Newsletters are also available on our website alongside the growing resources and information on the US-RSE Association. A sign-up option for our newsletter... [Read More]