About US-RSE Roles

It’s a hard task to define a research software engineer, as the role can emcompass a wide set of skill sets and tasks. Since we don’t have a good way to derive a single definition that everyone can agree on, for now we are attacking the problem from a different angle. Instead of trying to say exactly what an RSE does, this repository aims to collect examples of job descriptions for RSEs. How might this small knowledge base eventually be useful? It might help an individual or institution to create their own job description to hire for, or it might be used as a dataset to understand what people are looking for when they want to hire an RSE. For now, it’s just a collection of descriptions, and you should read the repository readme to better understand how to contribute your own!


Creation of USRSE Roles

2021 — present

The repository is created as a community resource and place to collect job descriptions.