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Maëlle is well known in the R community: from being an associate editor at rOpenSci, the rWeekly blog or community initiatives such as rLadies. She has also an interesting portfolio of projects, including a project to monitor the impact of environmental factors on cardiac disease in India.

Posted by @pweschmidt · 1 min read

17 December 2020

If you work with R there is a great chance you will have met or heard of Maëlle Salmon. Maëlle is an associate editor at rOpenSci and deeply involved in community serving projects such as rWeekly and rLadies. The latter to help boost diversity. rLadies has chapters in many countries around the globe and is an active and vibrant community. In this episode Maëlle and I discuss the role R plays in the RSE community and its future. But also, her impressive catalogue of projects, including CHAI the project on Cardiovascular Health effects of Air pollution in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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