Going in with enthusiasm

Kate Court made the exciting journey from Arts and Humanities to computer science. On the way she enthusiastically helps communities build confidence in digital technologies.

Posted by @pweschmidt · 1 min read

17 June 2021

Changing jobs and roles isn’t easy at the best of times. But with her infectious enthusiasm Kate Court made her way from research in arts and humanities to her role as research developer at Newcastle University. Being open minded about people from different backgrounds was essential as is realising that many of our skills are transferrable. I am particularly impressed with Kate’s community spirit, which shines through in some of her projects, e.g. Story Telling for young dads in Newcastle. But also her other work with connecting mums with tech to help women either get back into work or help them navigate through an increasingly difficult and complex digital world. To get on top of all of that you have to “go in with enthusiasm” - as Kate says.

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