Open Source Halloween

Lou was excited for his favorite holiday, Halloween, but he couldn't have predicted how an Open Source Halloween would change his life.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

28 October 2021


Happy Halloween listeners! This is the third Halloween special episide of the Research Software Engineer Stories Podcast, and this year we have a story that you might relate to, and give you a spurt of magic. You see, this year we get a glipse of what it means to have an Open Source Halloween. What would it mean if candy were akin to software? To go along with the episode, I’ve created for you the Open Source Candy Genereator where, if you create a piece of candy, it will show up on the Open Source Halloween portal. Whether you have kiddles that you can go out with to Trick or Treat, or if you are like me and just revel in the decorated houses, purples and oranges, and making Halloween candy houses, from the Research Software Engineer Stories podcast we wish you a Happy Halloween!

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