Call for Proposals

We invite submissions for the 2022 US-RSE Virtual Workshop to be held virtually on two non-consecutive days: September 14 and 16, 2022. The theme of this year’s workshop will be “Make it happen! Towards a diverse and sustainable future!” Suggested submission topics include but are not limited to: presentations of tools with focus on collaboration, re-usability and reproducibility, presentations about RSE teams, career paths, training, management, and community. The following types of proposals can be submitted:

  • Talks: 15 min presentations plus 5 minute questions. Please submit abstracts of no more than 500 words.
  • Breakout discussion topics: topics to be discussed by participants in breakout sessions. This can be anything of interest to the community, such as proposals for new working groups, initiatives within the community, or issues related to the RSE profession. Please submit a short summary (no more than 200 words) about the suggested topic, questions to be discussed, and envisioned outcomes of the breakout session.


Talks: EasyChair

Breakout discussion topics: EasyChair


Talks: July 17 July 19, 2022, 11:59 PM HST.

Breakout discussion topics: July 17 July 19, 2022, 11:59 PM HST.

Call for Reviewers

We are looking for reviewers for the 2022 US-RSE Virtual Workshop. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please fill out the following form by July 17, 2022. Each reviewer will be assigned 2 to 3 submissions to review with about three weeks time to complete the reviews. Submissions are abstracts of 200 words or 500 words, depending on whether authors submit for presentations or breakout sessions.

Application form: Reviewer Form

Call for Session Moderators and Technical Program Chair

This year, we are looking for session moderators and a technical program chair. Session moderators will be assigned to one of the 1 to 1.5 hours long presentation sessions. Their responsibility will be to introduce presenters, moderate questions after a presentation, and ensure all presentations stay within their time limit. The responsibilities of the technical chair will be to assign reviewers to submissions, sending out reminder emails during the review process, and together with the general workshop chairs create the workshop program. Applications can be submitted via the following form.

Application form: We are all set, thank you for your interest!

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Registration is now open! Please see our registration page for more info.