I'm invisible, but I can see the differences

In this 70th episode, Computational Scientist Peter Vaillancourt shares what he's learned about diversity and reflects on the challenges our community faces.

Posted by @vsoch · 1 min read

3 February 2022

For our 70th episode we chat with Peter Vaillancourt, a Computational Scientist at the Cornell Center of Advanced Computing. Peter took a non-traditional path to his current role, starting in the Air Force and eventually studying math and physics, and eventually finding his love for programming. In this episode, Peter talks about his journey to understand himself, and some of the challenges that our community faces when dealing with diversity, trauma, and understanding one another. We talk about retention and opportunity, and the idea of micro-compassions - small acts of kindness that make our community a place that we want to be. Could we imagine a future where our community and larger tech is a safe place for all kinds of people? Could we see a future where it’s possible to get training in computational science without requiring a domain science? Listen to the episode to find out!

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