Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group


The US-RSE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) working group is dedicated to supporting DEI through education, outreach, and more as described in our mission statement. Those interested in contributing to this goal are encouraged to join in our bi-weekly Zoom meetings.

Getting involved

To get involved with the DEI working group, visit the #dei-discussion channel on the US-RSE slack, or contact the DEI working group list.

Suggestions for media, other resources (such as guides), speakers, and future activities can also be submitted through this form: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Suggestions

Work Products

The US-RSE DEI working group has produced and hosts the following documents and events.

DEI Mission Statement

The US-RSE DEI working group’s first large initiative was to create a US-RSE DEI Mission Statement to integrate into the US-RSE core values. This DEI Mission Statement was published in August 2021 on the DEI Mission Statement page. We expect this mission statement to evolve and mature as the US-RSE community grows and welcome feedback.

DEI Speaker Series

The US-RSE DEI working group invites DEI speakers to present on DEI topics. A playlist with talks from all the speakers to date can be found on the US-RSE YouTube channel here:

We will continue to invite and host speakers as they are available. Suggestions regarding potential speakers are welcome, by reaching out to the working group in Slack or through the form above.

DEI Media Club

The US-RSE DEI working group hosts monthly DEI Media Club discussions in which we invite participants to read, listen to, or watch the chosen monthly DEI media and come ready to discuss the content as a small group. In 2021, we hosted three sessions to discuss the book “Better Allies” by Karen Catlin and two Podcast sessions to discuss series 4, episode 6 of reWorked - The Diversity and Inclusion Podcast and Code Switch - The Folk Devil Made Me Do It.

These are announced via the #events and #dei-discussion channels on the US-RSE slack, as well as in monthly newsletters, and are hosted virtually via Zoom.

Resources for DEI in RSE

As part of its efforts, the US-RSE DEI working group is developing a curated collection of resources for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion specifically within the research software engineering community. The list of resources can be found here: RSE-specific DEI resources

Please feel free to suggest additional media and other resources through this form: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Suggestions

US-RSE Spanish Webpage Translation

The US-RSE DEI working group is spearheading an effort to translate the US-RSE webpage into Spanish in order to broaden accessibility to a wider audience. This is an ongoing effort. To get involved, visit the #dei-discussion channel on the US-RSE slack.

RSE Mentorship

In 2022, the US-RSE DEI working group will begin an effort to promote and support mentorship in the RSE community. We welcome suggestions on how to get this effort started and where we would make the most impact.