About US-RSE Syndicated Blog

About the United States (US) Research Software Engineer Community Syndicated Blog

The US-RSE community blog collects articles and blog posts from personal and group RSE sites associated with the US-RSE organization. By collecting and aggregating the posts we hope to provide a single resource highlighting the work, stories and experiences of RSEs throughout the community. Topics range from posts outlining new RSE-developed software releases, to opinion pieces on the state of research software, to community updates and news, and everything in between. The content is all generated and published by the individuals and groups owning the blogs.

To join and have your blog feed part of the RSE see the blog repo README for criteria and instructions. We welcome contributions from anyone who considers themselves to work in an RSE capacity or who publishes posts with applicable content. See our definition of an RSE here.

Disclaimer: Blog feeds are curated nightly to collect new posts and archive old posts. As a result, we cannot guarantee that anyone has reviewed any posts for content or applicability. Opinions expressed within each post are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the US-RSE. Offensive or inappropriate posts should be reported to contact@us-rse.org if you wish to report anonymously. You can also submit a pull request to remove the offending feed if you are comfortable doing so publicly.