Birds of a Feather

Teaching Research Software Engineering

Julia Damerow, Jeffrey C. Carver, Jason Yalim

Mapping Open Source Science

Jonathan Starr

Exploring the Potential Impact of Advancements in Artificial Intelligence on the RSE Profession

David Luet

Brainstorming Strategies for Cultivating Successful and Collaborative RSE Teams

Abbey Roelofs and Kristina Riemer

Troy Comi

Better Scientific Software Fellowship Community

Elsa Gonsiorowski, Erik Palmer and Mary Ann Leung

Sharing lessons learned on the challenges of fielding research software proof-of-concepts / prototypes in Department of Defense (DoD) and other Government environments

Daniel Strassler

RSEs in domain-specific ecosystems

Julia Damerow, Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Laure Thompson and Jeri E. Wierenga