The theme of the US-RSE March Community Call was “Computational Notebooks as Scholarly Objects.” Computational notebooks are now an essential component of the research software ecosystem, supporting a variety of use cases across many disciplines. As a way to acknowledge their established role in our community, the US-RSE 2023 conference committee has decided to introduce a dedicated submission track for notebooks. But what does it mean to “submit a notebook” to a conference? Kenton, from the Program Committee, gave a history of similar efforts to elevate notebooks as scholarly objects. Then Ludovico, Torin, and Nicole, from the Notebook Subcommittee, summarized their findings from the notebook submission development process and presented the submission workflow in its current form. A key part of the call was the discussion with the audience: not only to solicit feedback about the conference submission process (did we cover all reasonable use cases? did we leave something out?), but more broadly about the growing importance of notebooks as not only research tools, but as first-class artifacts of the software-driven discovery process.

If you missed the US-RSE March Community Call, don’t worry - we recorded it for you. View the recording on the US-RSE YouTube Channel.