US-RSE Goals

US-RSE Steering Committee sets initial goals

Published: May 6, 2019

The US-RSE Association is centered around three main goals. Moving forward we aim to target our activities and actions to serving these three main goals. Over time we plan to revisit and refine these goals as the needs and desires of the community change.


We seek to provide a coherent association of those who identify with the role (not necessarily title) of Research Software Engineer based on our inclusive definition. This group aims to provide the members of the community the ability to share knowledge, professional connections, and resources.


We aim to promote RSEs’ impact on research, highlighting the increasingly critical and valuable role RSEs serve.


We strive to provide useful resources to multiple demographics. For current and future RSEs we strive to provide technical and career development resources to support their professional development. We aim to provide access to information and material to support the establishment and expansion of RSE positions and groups within the research ecosystem including the material for making business justifications for RSEs.

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