The United States (US) Research Software Engineer Association

The increasing use of digital technologies across research communities has gone hand in hand with a strong growth and reliance on software written or customized to solve research problems. This in turn is driving dialog around opportunities to

  • improve the development of, and
  • incentivize useful sharing, curation, and ongoing maintenance of research software artifacts and related knowledge.

Of course, research software does not develop, curate, or maintain itself. Accordingly, widespread research software growth has included emerging roles for people who create, maintain, and contribute to the research software ecosystem. These roles can bring value directly through enabling specific research projects. They also bring value indirectly, through helping ensure enduring impact of research software innovations and by facilitating adequate reproducibility standards in digital science.

Positions like data steward, information manager, research data officer, research software engineer, research supporter, cyberinfrastructure engineer, campus champion, research computing facilitator, bioinformatician and other titles are increasingly found as core roles in research teams.

Initiatives in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere are bringing together the community of people writing and contributing to research software at the national and international level. In the US this encompasses universities, laboratories, knowledge institutes, companies and other enterprises. This site is part of that effort.

To contact the US-RSE Association, email