US-RSE Job Posting Policy

We happily post RSE and RSE-related job openings as a service to our community. There is currently no fee associated with posting to the US-RSE job board. We encourage RSE and RSE-related posts from all organization types (e.g. academic, industry, national labs, non-profits, etc.). We expect any posted job to be open to individuals based in the United States. Non-US based postings will be considered, provided they are open to applicants from the United States.

Each post will be reviewed for applicability to the US-RSE community. Jobs are considered applicable, regardless of title, if they contain a significant amount of Research Software Engineering as a core responsibility/requirement or are sufficiently adjacent to Research Software Engineering that some Research Software Engineers would be qualified and potentially interested. US-RSE organizers and maintainers reserve the right to not post a submitted job if it is deemed inappropriate or inapplicable.

Jobs can be submitted through the US-RSE job submission google form. Once submitted, we will make every effort to review your submission quickly. If it is appropriate for our job board it should be posted within a few business days.