Current RSE openings

  1. Oncology OnCore Application Specialist, Stanford School of Medicine: Stanford, CA
  2. Computational Scientist/Apps Specialist: Golden, CO
  3. Staff Scientist/Software Engineer at New Mexico Tech: Socorro, NM
  4. Senior Research Computing Systems Engineer at Boston University: Boston, MA
  5. Research Software Specialist: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  6. Research Software Engineer: University of Alabama
  7. Senior Research Software Engineer (Data Engineer): Cambridge, MA
  8. Research Software Engineer / Application Support Engineer: Indiana University Bloomington
  9. Research Software Engineer / UI Engineer: Indiana University Bloomington
  10. DevOps / Software Engineers: Indiana University Bloomington
  11. Cloud and Cluster Administrator: Indiana University Bloomington
  12. Scientific Software Developer- Contract Basis [SunPy Project]: NumFOCUS
  13. Software Developer: Dartmouth College, Hanover MA
  14. Professional Specialist: Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  15. Senior Software Engineer: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Imaging Science, Redwood City, CA
  16. Software Engineer: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

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