DH RSE White Paper

Digital Humanities RSEs meet at DH2019

Published: Jul 31, 2019

At the Digital Humanities Conference 2019 in Utrecht, a group of Digital Humanities (DH) RSEs came together for a workshop about building a community of DH RSEs. The discussion covered many different aspects and issues from recognition and career paths to funding and community building. The result of the workshop is a white paper addressing some of the concerns most DH RSEs share. It is meant as a call for DH RSEs to connect with each other and to draw attention to their needs as they are a crucial part of most DH projects.

Rather than forming a new group, the workshop participants chose to use the existing infrastructure of DHTech (website, Slack channel, and mailing list), a group of Digital Humanities RSEs, to collaborate on and publish the white paper. DHTech was started two years earlier at DH2017 by several of the workshop participants with the idea to build an international community of DH RSEs.

See DH Research Software Engineers - For We Are Many to read the white paper.