Transition to the next Steering Committee

Published: Jun 29, 2020

The initial US-RSE Steering Committee came together to bootstrap the US-RSE Association, and as the Association grows and matures, the current Steering Committee recognizes that it’s time to move to a more formal governance model to provide a stable long-term foundation for the association and to open up the Steering Committee to new members.

Toward this goal, we have two major announcements:

  1. We’ve published the first US-RSE Association Membership and Governance document here. This document defines and formalizes the roles and responsibilities of US-RSE members and of the US-RSE Steering Committee. It also provides a process for electing future Steering Committee members. Thanks to everyone who provided input during the creation process.
  2. The first US-RSE Association Steering Committee elections will take place in December 2020.

Election Details:

  • Who can vote? The US-RSE membership is currently defined as those who have registered through the online form and have maintained good standing as defined in the US-RSE Association Membership and Governance document. If you are on the mailing list and receive the email newsletter, you’re a member.
  • Who is up for election? The Steering Committee consists of nine (9) members. Four (4) members have terms that will end this year: Chris Hill, Daniel S. Katz, Lance Parsons, and Jordan Perr-Sauer.
  • Who is running? A solicitation for nominations will be sent out to the mailing list and announced in slack. Any member in good standing, including members whose terms have ended, may run for election.
  • When is the election? The election is scheduled for the end of this year, December 2020. Nominations (including self-nominations) for open positions will be solicited from all members at least 6 weeks before the election, and all US-RSE members in good standing are eligible. The list of nominated candidates will be announced at least 3 weeks before the election.
  • How will we vote? Voting will be done online through an online service to be determined.

We are attempting to be as transparent as possible. If you have any questions please reach out via slack (tag @sc) or email (