Steering Committee Candidate Nominations Open

Published: Oct 26, 2020

Nominations for the US-RSE Steering Committee election are now open. Norminations are due November 16, 2020. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Individuals may nominate themself or another member. In cases when a nomination is not a self-nomination, the Election Chair will contact the nominated individual to confirm their interest in participating.

On the nomination form, the following information is required:

If Nominating Someone Else:

  • Your name and email
  • Nominee’s name and email
  • Short statement about why you think the nominated individual will make a good Steering Committee member

Nominations of others will only be shared with the Election Chair and the nominated individual. The information will not be made public.

Self-Nomination or Accepted Nomination:

  • Your name and a publicly-shareable email
  • A link to a resume, CV, LinkedIn profile, or professional website
  • Why do you want to be on the US-RSE Steering Committee? (<=1000 characters)
  • How do you contribute to the US-RSE Association or RSE community more broadly? (<= 1500 characters)

Nomination Form


See the previous election post for the election timeline and details.

Contact Election Chair Christina Maimone on Slack or via email.