Nominations Open for US-RSE Steering Committee

Nominations, including self-nominations, for the US-RSE Steering Committee election are now open. Nominations are due November 5, 2021.

Interested members are encouraged to nominate themselves. Alternatively, if you know of a member who you think would make a good candidate, you can submit a nomination for someone else. All US-RSE members in good standing as of October 22, 2021 (when nominations are opened) are eligible to be nominated as candidates.

Steering Committee members are elected by the general US-RSE membership to a 2-year term. To provide continuity, Steering Committee members have staggered terms, with four or five members elected each year. Last year we held our first elections for four Steering Committee seats. This year, there are five seats up for election. The following steering committee members have terms that end this year: Jeff Carver, Ian Cosden, Charles Ferenbaugh, Sandra Gesing, and Christina Maimone. The election will take place from December 3rd to December 10th, 2021, after the Annual General Meeting.

On the nomination form, the following information is required:

Nominating Someone Else:

  • Your name and email

  • Nominee’s name and email

  • Short statement about why you think the nominated individual will make a good Steering Committee member

Nominations of others will only be shared with the Election Chair and the nominated individual. The Election Chair will contact the nominated individual to let them know they were nominated, and by whom, and to confirm their interest in participating. The information will not be made public.

Self-Nomination or Accepted Nomination:

  • Your name and a publicly-shareable email

  • A link to a resume, CV, LinkedIn profile, or professional website

  • Why do you want to be on the US-RSE Steering Committee? (<=1000 characters)

  • How do you contribute to the US-RSE Association or RSE community more broadly? (<= 1500 characters)

All candidate information will be shared on the US-RSE website. Additionally, candidates will have the opportunity to share a short recorded statement during the US-RSE General meeting in December.


See our website for election timeline and details or contact Election Chairs Julia Damerow or Lance Parsons on Slack or via email.