Announcing the RSE Group Leaders’ Network

Published: Feb 2, 2023 by Christina Maimone and Adam Rubens

After several years of discussions, we’re happy to announce the formation of a US-based RSE Group Leaders’ Network (RSE-GLN)!

Inspired (as many US-RSE activities are) by the UK’s RSE Leaders Meetings and discussions like those at the Community Building Workshop about how RSE groups form and are managed, the network will bring together those who are leading RSE groups to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, share information, and develop resources to help us all succeed. The network will focus on topics such as project management, securing funding, hiring and retention, and building institutional support.

The RSE-GLN will begin with virtual monthly meetings and look to fund and organize some in-person events in the future.

In addition, the network will host several events per year for aspiring RSE group leaders: those looking to move into management positions or expand RSE groups at their institution.

The first RSE-GLN meeting will be in March. If you’re interested, sign up soon. We’ll be discussing on Slack when to schedule our inaugural meeting.