US-RSE First Annual General Meeting


The first US-RSE Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Friday December 4, 2020 from 1-3pm ET.

The AGM is open to all US-RSE members. Register here

Prior registration is required and must match the email address on file with US-RSE. Reminders will be circulated via the US-RSE mailing list and in the US-RSE slack workspace.

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Preliminary Agenda

  1. State of the US-RSE Association: A year in review and plans for 2021
    Ian Cosden, current chair of the Steering Committee, will give an organizational overview of the US-RSE including a review of past events and initiatives, updates on current initiatives, and an outline of some of the future plans and goals for the Association.
  2. Meet the Steering Committee Candidates
    The 6 candidates running for the four open 2020-2022 Steering Committee seats will introduce themselves to the community ahead of the upcoming election.
  3. Open member discussion
    Anyone interested in asking a question or raising a member-wide discussion topic should submit their questions/topic here prior to the meeting.

The AGM will be recorded and made available to US-RSE members shortly after the meeting.

If you have questions please email or reach out via slack.