June 2021 Community Call


The next US-RSE community call is on June 10th at 12ET/11CT/10MT/9PT.

The main topic of discussion is “Open Source Development”

This month we are hosting a call on the topic of Open Source Development. By chance this is the day after the first Global Maintainer Summit and three days after Upstream 2021! So it seems like a good week to have some conversations and strategizing around this topic. This call will be a chance to explore with others in the US-RSE community how we are individually or in groups, utilizing, contributing to or maintaining open source software. Some discussion topics will include, how is everyone using open source, what tools are up and coming, what are some of the ways people are interacting with the open source ecosystem around licenses, integration into day-to-day work, contributions and participation.

After a brief introduction, we will separate into breakout groups to discuss the topic in smaller groups.

Suggested questions for the breakout groups:

  • How do people use and contribute to open source software?
  • If people contribute to/maintain open source projects, what does that look like (licenses, issues, contributor agreements/guidelines, etc)?
  • How could US-RSE support open source? Would a working group make sense for infrastructure/sharing/help wanted/help available/mentoring etc?


US-RSE welcome

  1. US-RSE updates
  2. Updates from working groups
  3. Other news
  4. RSE and open-source experiences learning, using, contributing and beyond - Vanessa
  5. Breakouts
  6. Follow up

Registration details

Information on how to register for the Zoom meeting has been sent via email and posted in the #general and #communitycalls channels on Slack.