August 2021 Community Call


The next community call will be on August 12, 2021 at 12ET/11CT/10MT/9PT.

This month we are hosting a call on the topic of To PhD or not to PhD, that is the question!

How often are people looking for jobs in RSEng turned away because they don’t have a PhD? Is this along with standard biases (ageism, gender, race, etc.) another, potentially less noticeable one, that we have? Does someone need to have a PhD to be considered for an RSEng role? And if so, why? What if they had tried that track and it’s assuredly not for them? This month’s community call provides a chance to discuss under what circumstances a PhD is actually meaningful for an RSEng role, and when not.

In preparation for the community call, if you can, please checkout the discussion that has started on the GitHub issue. And if you have any materials, resources, or experiences you’d like to share, we encourage you to do so by adding a comment!

Registration details
Information on how to register for the Zoom meeting will be sent via email and posted in the #general channel on Slack.