September 2022 Community Call


September Community call

The next community call will be on Thursday September 8, 2022 at 12ET/11CT/10MT/9PT.

Community calls typically have a topical focus. They provide a forum for US-RSE members to compare experiences around a topic, hang-out and chat on zoom.

Getting to know US-RSE: working groups and beyond

US-RSE is a community driven organization, but do you know all the groups in the community? You may have heard someone talking about a “working group”, but do you know what that means?

This month’s community call we will be all about groups within US-RSE! It’s the first in a series we’re calling “Getting to know US-RSE”.

First, it will feature lightning talks from all the current working groups, including Education & Training; Outreach; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Second, we will talk about a draft of guidelines for forming groups in US-RSE that came out of our first community workshop in March. We will present the different types of groups that members can form, how new groups can be formed, how we’re testing the suggested guidelines, and how we’d like to promote more affinity groups within US-RSE.

We hope you can join us, get introduced to all the groups, and provide your feedback on the guidelines being developed.

Registration details

Information on how to register for the Zoom meeting will be sent via email and posted in the #general channel on Slack.