Research Software Engineers in eScience (Workshop at eScience 2022)


This workshop is to be held as part of eScience 2022, which will be held IN-PERSON.

Research Software Engineers (RSEs) bridge the gap between traditional software engineering and domain science research. These developers have a unique combination of skills to combine expertise in software development with a deep understanding of the scientific field for which software is being written.

This half-day workshop will present RSE contributions to scientific research through a series of talks that explore scientific project needs, how access to RSEs made the project successful, and how this work can be applied to future scientific research efforts. The workshop will be of interest to existing RSEs, potential RSEs, domain scientists, and software developers who want to understand the lessons from both good and bad research software engineering experiences.

The workshop will consist of a keynote speaker and shorter lightning talks that lead into interactive panel discussions and breakout groups. Results will be published as both a post-workshop report and as smaller blog posts on the US-RSE website and Prospective participants are encouraged to submit their papers through the formal eScience 2022 process, through which proceedings will be published.

The workshop is October 11th from 1:30 to 4:30 PM MT. More information can be found on the workshop website.