Steering Committee Nomination Workshop


Are you interested in running for steering committee? Come to this informal informative workshop where we will…

  • discuss the responsibilities that come with the role

  • explain the nomination process

  • help you generate ideas for the nomination prompts and combat imposter syndrome, especially in the case that you have a unique background

  • provide time and space to complete the nomination form and ask any questions that come up throughout

This workshop will take place on Zoom. Current committee members will start with a brief presentation on the nomination process and the responsibilities of committee members. We will then work through a worksheet to help participants generate ideas and material for the nomination statement. Finally, we will give you time to draft your full statement while remaining available to answer any remaining questions and provide feedback. We especially encourage you to come to the workshop if you have questions about what constitutes a relevant experience or if you are struggling with imposter syndrome. If you can’t make it to the workshop, the worksheet should still be useful.