June 2023 Community Call


The next community call will be about Promoting Good Software Development Practices on Friday, June 9, 2pm ET/1pm CT/12pm MT/11am PT.

Many RSEs work with researchers on developing code. But often this entails helping the researchers understand and follow good coding practices. Have you been in a situation where you had to work with or provide training for someone who needed help with improving their code quality? What are your experiences? What workflows and techniques were useful or turned out to be less helpful? How can RSEs give researchers tools at hand to develop reusable, reliable, and shareable code? Are there any differences between mentoring other RSEs and helping researchers improve their coding skills? In our June community call we will discuss these questions and more. Join us if you have answers, are trying to muddle your way through, or just want to listen to the experiences of others!

Registration details

Information on how to register for the Zoom meeting will be sent via email and posted in the #general channel on Slack.