November 2023 Community Call


US-RSE has had a lot of momentum and positive energy from the beginning in 2017. It gained even more in the last couple of months, evident in the rising numbers of members growing to over 2000 and the sold-out inaugural conference in Chicago. The Sloan foundation grant allows for the first time that staff members can complement the volunteer effort: Sandra Gesing as the Executive Director at 50% and a soon-to-be-announced full-time community manager. These roles will take US-RSE to the next level beyond volunteer work. The other 50% of Sandra’s effort go to science gateways aka virtual research environments aka virtual labs, which are research software solutions that allow researchers to focus on their research and not on nitty-gritty details of complex research infrastructures. The community of RSEs and science gateways have quite some overlap. A common goal of both communities is the creation of non-traditional career paths for RSEs and science gateway creators that are lacking in the academic and national lab world. This community call will go into Sandra’s vision for the role of the executive director to achieve financial sustainability for US-RSE, collaboration via the Center of Excellence for Science Gateways (SGX3), and major tasks for the next couple of months. The goal of the community call is to gather input from the community on those topics.

Registration details

Information on how to register for the Zoom meeting will be sent via email and posted in the #general channel on Slack.