CaRCC People Network Researcher-Facing Calls

  • This is a repeating event

Reoccurring monthly: Second Thursday of the month, 1pm ET

Do you help researchers using IT tools to further their research goals? Are you involved in research computing and/or data science training? Do you consult with researchers on more effectively doing their research with advanced computing resources? Compute with data?

The Researcher-Facing Track of the CaRCC People Network brings together people from research computing groups, libraries, research institutes, and other organizations who support researchers in every phase of the research lifecycle.

Topics include:

  • Research computing facilitation
  • Outreach to all disciplines, esp. those under-represented, to aid with research computing resources
  • Education and training
  • The art and practice of facilitation
  • Increasing communications, collaborations, and team-building
  • Research computing UX and user-facing tech
  • And more, as determined by our members!

See the Track page for upcoming call topics and connection instructions.