Software Engineering

These resources can help to improve your knowledge about software engineering, and research practices.

  • Better Scientific Software (BSSw): A central hub for the community to address challenges in software productivity, quality, and sustainability
  • Ask Cyberinfrastructure: A community forum for Q&A about software, infrastructure, and related topics
  • IDEAS Productivity: Interoperable Design of Extreme-scale Application Software, including guides and webinars
  • Software Engineering for Science
  • Software Engineering Body of Knowledge
  • Software Sustainability Institute (SSI): The (UK) SSI cultivates better, more sustainable, research software to enable world-class research; it helps people build better software, and it works with researchers, developers, funders and infrastructure providers to identify key issues and best practice in scientific software
  • US Research Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI): a planning activity to build a US institute for software expertise as well as a social infrastructure that promotes an inclusive and diverse community of research software engineers, maintainers, contributors, and users, with the mission of improving the recognition, development, and use of software for a more sustainable research enterprise, through collaboratively developing education, outreach, and software services that emphasize open, transparent reproducible, and cooperative practices
  • Research Software Alliance (ReSA) - A community of both individuals and communities working to bring research software communities together to collaborate on the advancement of research software

RSE Community Resources

These resources can be helpful to establish RSE positions, groups, or further understanding of research software engineering.