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xpert-network: Xpert Network Webinar Series


outreach-working-group-call: Outreach Working Group Call


international-rse-day: International RSE Day


education-training-call: Education and Training Call


dei-working-group-call: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group Call


dei-media-club: DEI Media Club


community-call: Odd Months Community Call


community-call-planning: Community Call Planning Meeting


community-call-fridays: Even Months Community Call


carcc-systems: CaRCC People Network Systems-Facing Calls


carcc-researcher: CaRCC People Network Researcher-Facing Calls


carcc-data: CaRCC People Network Data-Facing Calls


2024-06-community-call-wgs: June 2024 Community Call


2024-05-education-training-talk: Building and Running Containers on HPC Systems - A (not at all) Comprehensive Talk


2024-03-community-call: March 2024 Community Call


2024-02-community-call: February 2024 Community Call


2024-01-funder-talk-series: Ashley Sands - Research Software, Libraries, and Funding Opportunities


2023-12-funder-talk-series: Adrian Price-Whelan - Simons Foundation


2023-12-AGM: US-RSE Annual General Meeting 2023


2023-11-sc23: Research Software Engineers in HPC Workshop (RSE-HPC-2023)


2023-11-community-call: November 2023 Community Call


2023-10-usrse23: US-RSE Conference 2023


2023-10-funder-talk-series: Schmidt Futures


2023-10-escience: Research Software Engineers in eScience (Workshop at eScience 2023)


2023-09-community-call: September 2023 Community Call


2023-08-funder-talk-series: Steve Crawford - Scientific Software at NASA


2023-08-community-call: August 2023 Community Call


2023-07-se4rs23: Software Engineering for Research Software (SE4RS’23)


2023-07-pearc-social: PEARC23: Post-Workshop Dinner


2023-07-diverse-hardey: Numbers Game


2023-07-community-call: July 2023 Community Call


2023-06-funder-talk-series: Varun Chandola - National Science Foundation


2023-06-education-training-talk: Machine Learning for your Research


2023-06-community-call: June 2023 Community Call


2023-05-funder-talk-series: Carly Strasser - Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


2023-05-diverse-horsfall: The importance of talking about mental health in the Research Software Engineering community


2023-05-community-call: May 2023 Community Call


2023-04-notebook-submission-tutorial: US-RSE’23 Notebook Submission Tutorial


2023-04-funder-talk-series: National Institutes of Health


2023-04-community-call: April 2023 Community Call


2023-04-community-call-special-sloan: April 2023 Special Community Call


2023-03-rse-gln-call: RSE Group Leaders Network Call


2023-03-education-training-tutorial: Setting up a Scientific Software Project using GitLab – From Zero to Hero


2023-03-community-call: March 2023 Community Call


2023-02-funder-talk-series: Joshua Greenberg - Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


2023-02-community-call: February 2023 Community Call


2023-01-education-training-wg: Education and Training Call - January 2023 Meeting Only


2022-first-community-workshop: US-RSE Workshop


2022-12-community-call: December 2022 Community Call


2022-12-DEI-speaker-series-Mars-Lee: DEI Speaker Series: Mars Lee


2022-12-AGM: US-RSE Annual General Meeting 2022


2022-11-steering-committee-nomination-workshop: Steering Committee Nomination Workshop


2022-11-sc22: Research Software Engineers in HPC Workshop (RSE-HPC-2022)


2022-11-sc22-social: SC22: Post-Workshop Dinner


2022-11-community-call: November 2022 Community Call


2022-10-funder-talk-series: Hal Finkel - U.S. Department of Energy


2022-10-escience: Research Software Engineers in eScience (Workshop at eScience 2022)


2022-10-escience-social: eScience: Post-Workshop Dinner


2022-10-education-training-seminar: Agile Project Management for Research Software


2022-10-community-call: October 2022 Community Call - Int’l RSE Day


2022-10-adsa-career-workshop: Data Scientist/RSE Career Support Workshop


2022-09-virtual-workshop: 2022 US-RSE Virtual Workshop


2022-09-dei-media-club: DEI Media Club Discussion


2022-09-community-call: September 2022 Community Call


2022-08-dei-speaker-series: Diversity in Open Source Software


2022-06-dei-speaker-series: Diversity in Open-source Software


2022-06-community-call: June 2022 Community Call


2022-05-dei-diverse-turner: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the R Community


2022-05-community-call-2: May 2022 Community Call - Part II


2022-05-community-call-1: May 2022 Community Call - Part I


2022-04-community-call: April 2022 Community Call


2022-03-dei-speaker-series: Allies, Collaboration & Automation - Working towards inclusive Engagement in Research Computing


2022-03-dei-diverse-leung: Normalizing inclusion by embracing difference


2022-03-community-call: Mar 2022 Community Call


2022-02-community-call: Feb 2022 Community Call


2022-01-dei-media-club: DEI Media Club Discussion


2022-01-community-call: Jan 2022 Community Call


2021-12-sc-election-voting: Voting period for the US-RSE Steering Committee election


2021-12-sc-election-results: US-RSE Steering Committee election results announced


2021-12-dei-speaker-series: CANCELED - DEI Speaker Series December 10th Event


2021-12-dei-media-club: DEI Media Club Discussion


2021-12-community-call: Dec 2021 Community Call


2021-12-AGM: US-RSE Annual General Meeting 2021


2021-11-sc21: Research Software Engineers in HPC (RSE-HPC-2021)


2021-11-community-call: Nov 2021 Community Call


2021-10-sc-nominations-open: Nominations Open for US-RSE Steering Committee


2021-10-intnl-rse-day: October 2021 International RSE Day Virtual Events


2021-10-dei-media-club: DEI Media Club Discussion


2021-09-community-call: September 2021 Community Call


2021-08-community-call: August 2021 Community Call


2021-07-dei-speaker-series-ncwit: The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)


2021-07-dei-book-club-part3: Better Allies Book Club Discussion, Part III


2021-07-community-call: July 2021 Community Call


2021-06-dei-book-club-part2: Better Allies Book Club Discussion, Part II


2021-06-community-call: June 2021 Community Call


2021-05-virtual-workshop: 2021 US-RSE Virtual Workshop


2021-04-community-call: April 2021 Community Call


2021-03-dei-speaker-series: Dr. Cherri Pancake - Can We Change the Face of Computing?


2021-03-community-call: March 2021 Community Call


2021-02-community-call: February 2021 Community Call


2021-02-career-panel: ADSA/US-RSE Early Career Panel


2021-01-dei-book-club: Better Allies Book Club Discussion, Part I


2021-01-community-call: January 2021 Community Call


2020-12-AGM: US-RSE First Annual General Meeting


2020-11-sc20: Research Software Engineers in HPC (RSE-HPC-2020)


2020-10-community-call: October 2020 Community Call


2020-09-community-call: September 2020 Community Call


2020-07-pearc20: Research Software Engineers Community Workshop


2020-04-virtual-workshop: US-RSE Virtual Workshop


2020-01-community-call: Winter Community Call


supercomputing-2019: Supercomputing 2019 (SC19)


pearc-2019: PEARC19


2019-10-community-call: October 2019 Community Call


2019-07-community-call: July 2019 Community Call