Support US-RSE

As the US-RSE organization grows, so do the associated costs with operation. Running a grassroots community-driven organization takes a massive amount of effort on behalf of the community members who volunteer their time.

Donations to support US-RSE’s ongoing mission can be made through our Fundrazr donation page. Donations are tax deductible as allowed to the full extent of the law and can be made via a number of convenient methods.

Fundraising Initiatives

In general, all donations go towards supporting our organizational mission.

Currently, US-RSE is focused on raising funds to support general operational expenses. The primary general operational needs we need to support at this stage are modest expenses associated with membership management and enhanced communication amongst members. We are currently limited by the the effort and time required of volunteers to maintain the current system.

By making a one time or recurring donation you’ll allow our passionate volunteers to spend more time focused on advancing RSE initiatives than operational tasks.

Coming Soon

With the advent of our new logo we are working on soon having a way to offer some fun and exciting branded items that can help strengthen fundraising and spread the US-RSE spirit far and wide.

Also, as the Association matures we plan to have targeted funds that will allow the direct support of specific initiatives.

Feedback and Suggestions

We are, of course, very interested and open to hearing comments/feedback and suggestions from the broad US-RSE community on financial strategies for US-RSE. Please contact us with suggestions either via email or reach out via the US-RSE slack workspace.