Education & Training Working Group


The Education & Training working group is for those that are interested in regular discussions about education and training for RSEs. The goal of the group is to develop resources and strategies that support RSE education and training and contribute to the establishment of a more formal career path for RSEs. Thus far, we have begun describing the types of people who work as RSEs and their training needs. We are also working on defining the list of skills often needed by RSEs. Furthermore, we’ve begun to assemble a list of resources for the US-RSE community, including a growing list of useful training links. The group currently meets monthly via Zoom and welcomes all newcomers. If you would like to join the conversation, please join the #education-training channel on the US-RSE Slack.

Work Products

The US-RSE Education & Training working group has produced the following documents. These documents are works in progress and we are open to suggestions and improvements.

Training Material

The US-RSE Education & Training Working Group has started an effort to compile a list of useful videos, tutorials, and other training materials well suited for learning Research Software Engineering topics. The material ranges from beginner up through and including advanced topics. We expect this list to grow significantly in both content and usability.

Training Material

RSE Skill Set

The US-RSE Education & Training Group also maintains and publishes a list of skills an RSE might possess in an effort to better define RSE roles and to help direct individuals looking to invest in learning new skills.

RSE Skill Set

RSE Archetypes

The US-RSE Education & Training Group has begun a list of the archetypes of the people who consume RSE training. This list will help us match the available training with the needs in the community.

List coming soon