Group Management Working Group


The US-RSE Group Management Working Group is dedicated to enabling support and conversation between the various US-RSE Affinity and Working Groups. We strive to provide a platform for discussion between coordinators/chairs and to provide regular updates to the wider community on what the working groups are doing for US-RSE.

To get involved, visit the #wg-group-management channel on the US-RSE slack or contact the Group Management working group list.

Co-Chairs: David Nicholson, Miranda Mundt

Work Products

The official US-RSE Group Management Working Group began in 2022. The group manages a list of active affinity and working groups, including hosting quarterly meetings for discussion between the various working group chairs. The main work products are the Processes and Requirements for Forming US-RSE Working Groups and the Processes and Requirements for Forming US-RSE Affinity Groups.

Additionally, to promote all that groups do and make it easier for interested parties to join an existing group, the GMWG will monitor and categorize groups as either “active” or “inactive.” An “active” group is expected to communicate on a regular (but infrequent) basis with GMWG. If a group is no longer necessary or achieving their goals (e.g., no longer meeting, no longer communicating regularly, no longer making progress on stated purpose), then the GMWG may at their discretion place that group in inactive status. Inactive groups can be reactivated upon request and will then be expected to follow the guidelines for groups, as stated above.