RSE Empowerment in National Labs Working Group


The RSE Empowerment in National Labs working group, conceptualized in 2022, is for those who are interested in working towards the empowerment of RSEs in national labs and other similar organizations. RSEs from national labs are an important part of the RSE community in the United States. The goal of this working group is to understand the specific challenges faced by RSEs in this ecosystem, advocate the goals and mission of US-RSE, assimilate resources that help us educate and train RSEs, increase RSE awareness across the entire spectrum, and create a community and sense of belonging among the RSEs at National Labs.

We generally meet weekly via zoom to discuss various topics and share experiences with ongoing discussions via Slack. If you would like to participate in the conversation, please join us on the #wg-national-labs-empowerment channel on the US-RSE slack or contact us on national lab empowerment working group email list.

Co-chairs: Gregory Lemieux and Keith Beattie