User Experience


The User Experience Working Group (UXWG) advocates for increased awareness and adoption of user experience (UX) methods in research software engineering. UX practices help create products that provide meaningful, relevant, and usable experiences for target users. Our primary aims are to share knowledge, experiences, and challenges and to foster a diverse and inclusive community for research software UX practitioners and RSEs who are interested in UX. Doing so will collectively help us advocate for and demystify UX to the larger RSE community, scientists across domains, and funding agency staff who support products and services. The UX working group will aim to first develop a community of practice with webinars on UX in science and networking among participants. We will work with members to explore other outcomes such as producing a US-RSE Community Whitepaper to address UX topics such as common R&D methods, opportunities for increased visibility and work (including surfacing and tracking the impacts of UX on improving scientific software products), and the challenges of adapting commercial UX practices to scientific environments.

To get involved, visit the #wg-ux channel on the US-RSE slack or contact the co-chairs at

Co-Chairs: Drew Paine, Johanna Cohoon

Work Products