Website Working Group


The website working group was established to work on the website that you are reading right now! To get involved with the website working group, visit the #website channel on the US-RSE slack. This page include some additional information about content on the site.


Added in early 2022, we wanted an ability to provide easy ways to automate specific events, or subscribe to them. For the reason, we added different kinds of programmatic subscriptions or feeds that include:

  • rss feeds for different kinds of content
  • equivalent json feeds for the same.

The rss feeds are intended to be subscribed to by an appropriate service, while the json API is more suitable for a client tool.

RSS (xml) Feeds:

For each RSS feed, we provide the latest 100 items.

Json Feeds:

JSON feeds are not limited in number, and we can provide this until a single page is not reasonable to load.

If you are looking for a feed that does not exist, please let us know.