US-RSE Celebrates Black History Month

Published: Feb 1, 2024 by Lance Parsons, Alex Koufos, Sandra Gesing, Anna Murphy

US-RSE’s DEI working group (DEI-WG) is proud to lead the US-RSE’s participation in celebrating Black History Month.

Throughout the month, US-RSE members will be sharing stories that recognize and celebrate inspirational African Americans who have been involved in computing, science, engineering, and/or math, and have inspired our members through their accomplishments in their careers and their personal stories. We’ll be publishing these posts throughout February to highlight such people, where we talk about the person and tie their work and life to the RSE movement.

Conversations around race in tech are happening daily, and there are numerous articles on the topic. One of the articles we want to share is a 2021 article from ACM that interviewed an array of Black ACM Fellows, volunteers and members about their careers in computing. Black History Month 2021

We’d also like to bring to your attention some resources to help you learn more about Black history in tech: