RSE Group Leaders' Network


The RSE Group Leaders’ Network (RSE-GLN) is a group of individuals leading RSE teams who meet to support their peers with the challenges of leading RSE groups.


The primary membership is for those who currently lead a team and have, or are actively in the process of hiring, at least one direct report; additional members may be invited, such as those who have been in leadership positions in the past. This is to ensure that members have a network of peers in similar situations who are facing similar challenges.

The RSE-GLN also seeks to support aspiring RSE Group Leaders through a separate mentorship and development network. The Aspiring RSE-GLN is open to those looking to build RSE teams at their institution or move into RSE group leadership roles. There are no formal requirements, but those with the experience and qualifications to take on leadership roles will likely benefit more than early career RSEs.

In both cases, membership is open to all US-RSE members. As with other US-RSE activities, the RSE-GLN will be US-focused, but those from other countries are welcome.

To join the RSE-GLN, fill out the RSE-GLN membership form and someone will be in touch.


The RSE-GLN meets virtually monthly. Additional in-person meetings at RSE events, such as the US-RSE Conference, may also be organized. Group meetings follow the Chatham House rule to encourage discussion. Topics of discussion will be determined by group members and may include, but are not limited to: developing team members, working with HR, recruiting and hiring, promoting a group’s services, managing competing clients working with external clients, funding models, project management and resource estimation, growing a team, and building institutional support.

Events for the mentorship events for the Aspiring RSE-GLN will be scheduled 2-3 times per year. Topics will include both support and guidance for individuals looking to move into leadership positions through promotion or new positions and information on pathways existing RSE teams followed when forming and developing.

Both groups have Slack channels in the US-RSE space for collaboration.


Reach out to RSE-GLN coordinators Christina Maimone and Adam Rubens with questions.